Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lesson Plan Thursday Jan 18th

In the lab.

What $1.2 trillion can buy (you don't want to look)

Living Wage Slide Show

15 Years Slide Show

Get into groups (1-9) according to essay topic.
Share quotes--page numbers

Work through it.
If you are stuck, just start freewriting. Re-read the book. Research. Re-read the question.
Ask: What are the issues? What do you want to say? Where can you get information?

Essay format, from book (C5-g)
Show more options for model papers on line here.
Talk about the traditional organization.
The 5 keys to a good argument:
Introduction, Statement of the Case, Proposition, Refutation, Confirmation, and Conclusion.

Thesis statement on Hacker?

We have to keep moving this fast until we hit a rough spot.
So far we're good.

Now: Two ways to go.
1. Form a thesis first and look for evidence to support it. Like Ehrenreich?
2. Pick an interesting questions, look at the evidence, form a thesis.

Today, start your research are here.
Use google to find other links and email them to me so I can post them on this site.

For documentation:
Keep track of url's, titles of articles, names of authors and overall name of site.

Homework: Read Hacker on outlines. C1-d
Create an outline for your essay for End of Period Friday.
Finish reading 15 Years on the Bottom Rung

For Outline, Ask:

What is the main idea for each paragraph?

What supporting evidence will you use?
This can be a mix of anecdote and secondary sources
(the two+ outside sources, and the book).
For most questions this mix should lean towards the use of print

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