Monday, June 02, 2008

Day 42

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 42 Spring 2008

Race/Addiction/Delayed Gratification

College Money


Revision Notes

Work on Portfolio Revision Worksheet

"How Can We Duplicate" revision is due
ONLY IF you are interested in using this essay as your final, final essay. This gives me time to respond and you time to revise it.

If you KNOW you are revising a different essay, (N &D or TWIF) Revised "How Can We Duplicate" Essay is not due until THURSDAY.

Either way, it's 40 points.

Tuesday: MLADM2K8R1, Revision Worksheet due.

Wednesday: Peer Editing—either cover letter or final, final draft.

Thursday: MLADM2K8R2: The Reckoning. Plus: Revised "How Can We Duplicate" Essay due.

Friday: Last Day of class, Cover Letter Due

Monday (June 9th): Second Chance essays due by noon.

What we can do to increase mobility?

Pick and choose from all three books

  1. What can the government do? Why do we like this answer?
  2. What can the culture do?
  3. What is up to the individual?
  4. What can't we duplicate?
  5. What's wrong with saying: Marriage
    1. Why are we afraid of saying, Get married?
  6. What's wrong with saying: Public Housing/Childcare/Transportation
    1. Why are we cheap on these issues?
    2. Where would the money come from?

These will be form your thesis and should be your topic sentences.

Then, as secondary support, use examples from the texts to show how these ideas would have/do help actual people on the bottom rung. (Angela Whitiker, Juan Peralta, Holly, Gail, Barbara Ehrenreich etc)

MLA In text and Works Cited expected in revised draft.

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