Monday, January 30, 2006

Lesson Plan Day 16

1. Hand in one copy of essay.

2. Y/N O/R

3. Y= +.25

4. N= -.25

5. Y= Intro to thesis and conclusion

6. Essays scored based on average of four points

7. Essays returned +/- 1 week.

8. Please don’t ask before then.

Reading Schedule for The World is Flat week one

Please have through the pages listed prior to class on that date.

January 31: pg 24

Feb 1st: 47

Feb 2nd: One chapter from “Ten Forces that Flattened the Earth” assigned in groups.

Feb 3rd: The Triple Convergence 173-181

Feb. 4th: 181-200

Feb. 5th: The Great Sorting Out 200-208

Feb 6th: 208-222

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