Monday, January 23, 2006

Peer Editing Questions

Your Name:                              Essay writer’s Name:

  1. Number the paragraphs on the essay itself

  1. Does the opening paragraph grab the reader?  

  • Do they provide useful background information on the issue?

  • What style of introduction is the writer using? (Anecdote/question/contrast/metaphor etc)

  1. Underline, then write down their thesis/main point as clearly as you can—

  1. Is the evidence adequate, over-all?  Do they draw from N&D?  Do they draw from two other sources?

  1. Put a box around the best paragraph/evidence they offer.

  1. What is the least convincing?  Draw [brackets] around the least convincing evidence.

  1. Do they rely mainly on emotional appeals (stories, anecdotes) or logical appeals (facts, statistics, secondary sources)?

  • Put a squiggly line under the first sentence of the “counter argument.”

  • Is there an effort to provide balance?

  • How do they handle the “c-a”?  Refute, concede, modify?

  1. What paragraphs/sections are hard to follow?

  1. Identify the strongest transition between paragraphs using Good Trans! next to it.

Identify the weakest transition between paragraphs using Trans?

  1. Does the conclusion end forcefully/memorably?  

  1. What grammatical problems need to be addressed?  

  1. What is your favorite part of this essay?

  1. What could the writer do in revision to make it even better?

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