Friday, February 09, 2007

Lesson Plan Day 28, Lab

  1. Quiz Monday over The Quiet Crisis and The Untouchables
  2. Dirty Little Secrets
  3. Learn How to Learn (302)
  4. What does the equation CQ + PQ>IQ mean?
    1. What does it mean for educators?
  5. You have to like people (306) or just be interested in them.
  6. Use your right brain.
  7. What does all of this mean for educators? (309)
    1. Change admissions?
    2. What are threads?
  8. America's secret sauce (322)
  9. Tilt
  10. Let’s try this:
    1. Education in the Yakima Valley
    2. Agriculture in the Yakima Valley
    3. Wal Mart
    4. Immigration
    5. New Niche
    6. Other
      i. Find what Friedman might say about them.
      1. What are the synonyms for your topic?
      2. Start with the Index
      3. Try the Amazon search inside
      4. ii. Get a list of quotes and page numbers.

iii. What are the sides?

iv. Where can we get information?

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