Friday, February 09, 2007

Minute Men Close to Home

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In response to: Photos Just In: Washington State

We live in "litte Mexico" AKA the Yakima Valley, Washington. Towns like Sunnyside, Mabton, Granger, Toppenish, and Wapato, WA, are 85% to 95% Mexican. A great percentage are ILLEGALS who harvest in summers but are on welfare programs all year long. These are folks who may slip over a Southwest U.S. border, but actually settle up north here. On a personal level, one can't live here and not grow to love many of them. Some, however, are mean, nasty sonsabitches who regularly have been killing among themselves and are starting to kill white folks (see Thoroughly check out this website and see the problems we're having with "Latino" crime. Those who aren't into drug dealing are hired by local agri-business corporations and large propietor-owned ag businesses. If there are any projects for which we can volunteer in Eastern Washington, please give us a heads up. We've got cameras, binoculars, cell phones and walkie-talkies---toys we can use if needed in the effort. We're also pretty good at research and reporting if that's handy.

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