Friday, February 16, 2007

Lesson Plan Day 32

1. This is a BIG WEEKEND for this essay. You try to get as much (or all) of your research done this weekend. Go to the downtown YRL if you need help. Ask a reference librarian. They love a challenge. Keep track of authors, page numbers, web addresses etc. Get a big pile of information. Go through it looking for quotes that help you understand the impact of the topic on the Yakima Valley in the Flat World. That's the question you are answering.

2. Tilt

3. Organization options

4. Outlines due Tuesday. Learn from N&D'd. The more detailed, the better. The more specific the thesis, the better.

Due Dates

    1. Outline—2.20
    2. Rough Draft—2.23
    3. Speakers 2.20&21?
    4. Draft 2—2.27

Reading for the week

The Unflat World,

· Too Frustrated

The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

“Infosys Versus Al Qaeda” by Thursday (2/15)

11/9 v. 9/11

Beginning of chapter to eBay by Friday 2/16

eBay to end of chapter by Tuesday 2/20

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