Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Day 40

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 40

  1. A Star is Made
  2. By Friday: 3-5 pages (could include first in-class essay as lead in to solutions). This draft is a final draft and should include direct quotes from the books defining not only the obstacles but the solutions as well. In text and works cited are required. A counter argument is required.


"How Can We Duplicate" revision is due
ONLY IF you are interested in using this essay as your final, final essay. This gives me time to respond and you time to revise it.


If you KNOW you are revising a different essay,(Education or Business in TWIF) Revised "How Can We Duplicate" Essay is not due until THURSDAY, March 11th.


  1. Peer edit "How Can We Duplicate" in class
    1. We're looking for clear topics in each paragraph
    2. We're looking for support from Class Matters, Nickel and Dimed, The World is Flat, Brooks, other.
    3. We're looking for an awareness of Counter-Arguments from the above books as well.
      1. Here's how we'll do it
        1. Write a question or two you need answered. The more specific the better.
        2. Number paragraphs
        3. Hand to partner at your table.
        4. Peer edit without reading aloud.
          1. Stay focused.
          2. Give it your complete attention.
          3. They are counting on you.


Alyssa D said...

I think Id've liked more opinions on my paper...i didn't get hardly any comments on mine this time...maybe people were just feeling rushed...

Stephanie Marie said...

I am hoping I can get my essay done by friday, im afraid i dont turn one in ill save them both to work on and neither one will be good.

Steve said...

I'm so glad to have the essay due-date thing cleared up. I was really confused. I'm definitely going to choose to revise one of my first essays because the AW one is worth less. Another advantage to doing it that way is receiving more time to finish and strengthen the AW essay!

LoReNa said...

I finished my paper friday, and I turned it in. I'm happy with my grade, so now I just need to revise my business essay. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to do so. :)

Joseph Perry said...

I agree with alyssa, the feedback on this essay has been considerably less helpful this time around. I'm not sure whether it's because of the amount of time alloted to work on it or simply because we did not use the peer review sheet.

JaNet G. said...

Yes I got my Essay in on Friday and got good feedback from Mr.Peters.
Thanks, it really helped me. Now it time to turn in my education Essay. I enjoyed My AW paper.

Chandra Pease said...

This paper was difficult to make a final draft for because the editing was as driven as the past two have been. We didnt get into groups and use that editing sheet. I like having the people i sit next to everyday edit this time because its not awkward for the first 5 or 10 minutes, and were not shy on whos paper gets read first, its just "alright hey give me your paper!" And ya get into it, not scared of giving an opinion or hurting someones feelings.

NickG said...

The feed back on my paper was strong with the first two people who graded it but after that I think people just rush through papers not really reading into depth.

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

Having more time on my paper for means more procrastination. Although having more time to work on it, can help me achieve a better grade.

Guadalupe said...

this essay is a tough one, i think because i was gone for the explanation of what its about, i was lost, but the gist of what is going on i understand. ORganization is the name of the game on this essay.

Tanner U. said...

You did this last quarter by saying that you can turn it in now if u might wanna revise it or turn it in later if you for sure don't wanna revise it and I just wanted to say thank you! This really helped me to take some pressure off of finals...