Friday, March 05, 2010

Day 42

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 42


  1. Hand in essay.
  2. Plate of Peas
  3. O/R Y/N?
  4. Portfolio Review Assignment
  5. Cover Letter Assignment
  6. Monday: Essays returned
    1. MLA DeathMatch 2010, Round One—The Thunderdome
    2. PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! You call yourself a salesman?
    3. You can bring your Hacker books, (quick reference guide a good idea)
    4. Four Teams Enter, One Team Leaves
  7. Tuesday: Portfolio Review Due; Business Letters; Sample Essays.
  8. Wednesday: One final peer editing day
  9. Thursday: MLA DM2K10: Round Two--The Reckoning
  10. Friday: Cover Letter Due; Revised Essay for Improved Score Due (Must include essay with my comments on it to be considered).
  11. Revision Notes


Stephanie Marie said...

I liked the portflio review assignment. I was able to think about my work and what I maybe wanted to change.

TierraGlynae said...

The portfolio review assignment showed me which essay i should revise to not really get a better grade, but to help me improve my skills.

LoReNa said...

The assignment was good. I was able to look back through my essays and pinpoint what I liked, disliked, and also what I need to improve on to become a better writer... thanks.

JaNet G. said...

I enjoyed this HW assisgment, it was nice to look back at all three essays and i know that I have improved on my writting skills, there is a big difference from day 1 when i entered Mr.Peters English 102 class.

Joseph Perry said...

It was interesting to do this assignment because of the difference of my views and Mr. Peters' views. I thought the essay with the lowest score was the strongest, but as examined it closer, I saw some of the flaws that can cause the paper to seem less effective on paper than it was in my head.

Chandra Pease said...

The assignment that had the worksheet where we reviewed all 3 essays we had written was an assignment I liked doing. I enjoyed looking over my work, to see what peers had said as well and Mr. Peters. Its tough to explain strengths because were mainly being told our faults, when our papers get edited. But looking over the quarter I liked the ideas I had for my papers.

Alyssa D said...

...not gonna lie, I didn't get a whole lot out of this. I knew which one needed to be redone and what I wanted to do with it. I ended up doing mine when I was tired from other homework so I went on these ridiculous tangents after doing what was assigned =P

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

The profolio assignment allowed me to reflect on my work throughout the quarter and it showed me how much I have grown as a writer, studet and person.

Guadalupe said...

THe portfolio review assignment, makes me wonder how much work as influneced the amount of time i could have spent on my papers. Also i think its nice to revaluate yourself at the end to see if you have made progress or not.