Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Day

Last Day

Bonus Points.

H/I Cover Letter

H/I "Second Chance" Draft?

Essays must include my comments

Paper clips/staples

Complete Feedback.

Return of Essays, etc

First week of Spring Quarter—ask Kelley in English Department.

Grades mostly.

For more feedback from me, bring your essay in and we'll go over it.

Grades due Next Friday, posted online under schedule that day

My schedule

Spring 70 x2 and Creative Writing

Fall 101 x2 and Creative Writing

Winter 102 x3

Also, you can ask about anything anytime.

You can say hi to me on campus. Say your name and I'll say mine.

You can say hi to each other.

Andy Blevins' story.

One in there Americans in their mid-twenties attended but did not finish college.

Only 41 percent of low-income students entering a four year college managed to graduate within five years. (66% of high income did).

75 percent of students enrolling in community colleges said they hoped to transfer to a four year institution. But only 17 percent of those made the switch within five year. The rest were out working or still studying toward the two year degree.

This is not the path you are on.

This is the path you are on:

"As you walk, you cut open and create that riverbed into which the stream of your descendants shall enter and flow." --Nikos Kanzantzakis

Now, you can do this:

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