Thursday, March 04, 2010

Day 41

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 41

  1. Scoring this essay
  2. By Friday: 3-5 pages (could include first in-class essay as lead in to solutions). This draft is a final draft and should include direct quotes from the books defining not only the obstacles but the solutions as well. In text and works cited are required. A counter argument is required.


"How Can We Duplicate" revision is due
ONLY IF you are interested in using this essay as your final, final essay. This gives me time to respond and you time to revise it.


If you KNOW you are revising a different essay,(Education or Business in TWIF), then the revised "How Can We Duplicate" Essay is not due until THURSDAY, March 11th.


  1. Peer edit "How Can We Duplicate" in class
    1. We're looking for clear topics in each paragraph
    2. We're looking for support from Class Matters, Nickel and Dimed, The World is Flat, Brooks, other.
    3. We're looking for an awareness of Counter-Arguments from the above books as well.
      1. Here's how we'll do it
        1. Write a question or two you need answered. The more specific the better.
        2. Number paragraphs
        3. Hand to partner at your table.
        4. Peer edit without reading aloud.
          1. Stay focused.
          2. Give it your complete attention.

They are counting on you.


Courtney said...

This was a good day of editing, i really helped chandra with her paper because she didnt have any evidience and helped her write a better paper. Dispite the fact that you thought we were getting along:)

Steve said...

My paper was so all over the place in terms of organization, but this day helped me clear it up! Peer editing has been so beneficial. I think without it, my essay scores would be MUCH lower.

Stephanie Marie said...

I really found this style of peer editing helpful, it allowed for people to give their opinons to me one on one including a discussion which I found beneficial in a different way then the group peer edits

TierraGlynae said...

My paper...needed some serious help. this type of editing really helped out. Thanks!

LoReNa said...

I agree, I liked this style of editing better than the ones we've had in the past. It was sort of like a "free style". I was able to have a conversation with the author of the paper I read, which just so happened to be the same person that read mine. It helped me to strengthen both mine and my partners paper.

JaNet G. said...

This day really helped me on my peer edit..
My peers gave me a lot of feed back on my paper.Which is so helpful for someone who is not the best writter in the class:) Thanks Lorena and Melissa N.

Alisa_Moehrle-Druffel said...

This peer editing was very useful and i appriciated it greatly!

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

I continue to be grateful to have the opportunity to have my paper edited other than myself or Mr. Peters. It helps me grow as a writer and also as editing someone else's paper, it gives me more ideas to add on to my paper.

Guadalupe said...

It was neat to read others papers, it gave me some ideas to where i can fix mine heavily, and where it doesnt need work. THere are some that actually seemed like their paper was ready to hand in, and others like myself who had much work to do.

Tanner U. said...

Thanks for giving us today for peer editing, I got some help from mckenzie. And its really nice just to get your paper looked at while your looking at someone elses thinking about their ideas.