Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Essay 2 Rough Draft of Options

Essay 2: English 102, Winter Quarter

Walls v. Webs—The Valley and the World

This essay is a research essay. As such, it should begin with a question.

I would like you to look at one of the following issues from different angles.

Some issues will have two sides. Some will have more.

All of the issues should be seen through the filter of the “Flat World” Friedman discusses.

I’ll be more specific by Monday at the latest, but here’s a preliminary list for you to start thinking about. I’m also open to other ideas.

  1. Bond/Levy measures failures in the Yakima Valley

  1. Walmart

    1. in West Valley
    2. Health Care Law in Washington State

  1. The future of Agriculture in Yakima.
    1. Aspargus and South American trade agreements
    2. The Apple Juice Capital of the World? Selah?
    3. Zirkle Fruit class action law suit
    4. Corporate Farms/Orchards
    5. Wine sales through the mail
    6. Thai workers
    7. Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)

  1. Immigration

    1. Minute Men Project
    2. ESL in Wapato

  1. Tourism as economic base in Yakima

  1. Jail beds as an economic base in Yakima

  1. Saw mill closing

  1. YVCC’s role in Globalization 3.0 in YV (Vocational/Transfer/AA?)

  1. How can Yakima use the Flat World to our advantage?

  1. Propose a new business model based on what you have read. What will be the new niche in Yakima?
    1. This can be positive, or can be negative. (maybe we will need LOTS more jail beds, for example, or low income housing…)
  2. Client Logic
  3. Baby Jogger
  4. Snokist Strike over Health Care

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