Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lesson Plan Day 26 Tues

Lesson Plan Day 26

  1. Faculty Lecture Wednesday.
  2. This is Not a Test notes
  3. Let’s try this:
    1. Education in the Yakima Valley
    2. Agriculture in the Yakima Valley
    3. Wal Mart
    4. Business? Others?

i. Find what Friedman might say about them.

1. Start with the Index

ii. Get a list of quotes and page numbers.

iii. What are the other sides?

iv. Where can we get information?

v. Who can we call in? When can we do it?

  1. The essay should present the viewpoints of the various sides of the issue. If you’re having trouble seeing the sides, try the Great Sorting Out again, esp. Multiple Identity Disorder. How are we affected as citizens of Yakima, USA, consumers, stockholders, workers, patriots…(Walmart’s an easy example. Agriculture is a bit more tricky)
  2. Let’s try Walmart…
  3. The essay should attempt to represent these sides fairly and in a balanced way.
  4. Balanced is a slippery word.
  5. The essay should also, after the intro or less likely, as part of the conclusion, explain how Friedman/Flatism affects the issue.
  6. YOUR thesis should be stated in the introduction, but should be written last.

  1. Due Dates:
    1. List of quotes from Friedman Wednesday
    2. Outline—2.21
    3. Rough Draft—2.22
    4. Speakers 2.27&28?
    5. Draft 2—3.3

  1. Class Matters? I don’t know yet.
  2. Last day of class is 3.10 and we will probably have something due during finals week, but not meet as a class (drop off portfolio?)

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