Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lesson Plan Day 22

Lesson Plan Day 22

  1. Transfer Day Feb. 14th 830-1 in the HUB
  2. Vagina Monologues: Th-Sat 730 Kendall Hall
  3. Allied Arts (5000 Lincoln) Open Mic and featured reader tonight 7pm
  4. Poetry Slam, Friday, 600 Kendall Hall
  5. Help me with this: (Friday, Saturday, Sunday; next Wednesday; Friday) Send it out and do me a favor. No, there are no points for this. Just thanks.
  6. The Great Sorting Out notes
  7. Essay Options, more details coming later
  8. U-Make Quiz
    1. Five t/f questions
    2. Five multiple choice
    3. Five fill in the blank
    4. No repeats
    5. I’ll pick the best from both classes and the quiz will be tomorrow, including “The Quiet Crisis” (your reading homework)

i. America and Free Trade

ii. The Untouchables

  1. Grades so far

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