Monday, February 13, 2006

Lesson Plan Day 25 monday

Lesson Plan Day 25

  1. A note about pace and high expectations--This is Not a Test
  2. Transfer Day Feb. 14th 830-1 in the HUB
  3. Faculty Lecture—with nudity.
  4. This is Not a Test
  5. Companies and the flat world

i. Seven Rules—disaggregate the work

  1. Let’s try this:
    1. Education
    2. Agriculture
    3. Wal Mart
    4. Others

i. Find what Friedman might say about them.

1. Start with the Index

ii. Get a list of quotes and page numbers.

iii. Where can we get information?

iv. Who can we call in? When can we do it?

  1. Due Dates:
    1. List of quotes from Friedman
    2. Outline—2.21
    3. Rough Draft—2.22
    4. Draft 2—2.28

8. Class Matters? I don’t know yet.
9. Last day of class is 3.10 and we will probably have something due during finals week, but not meet as a class (drop off portfolio?)

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