Thursday, February 09, 2006

  • Lesson Plan Day 23 102 Lab
  • Amazon Search and Google Print
  • Wikis part two
  • Quiz
  • Pick an essay topic you might be interested in.
    Write for five minutes—what are the “sides”? What would Friedman say?
  • Pick another.
  • Write for five minute
  • Small Groups based on second choice.
  • Small Groups based on first choice.
  • Ten minutes of online research.
  • If you hit dead ends right away, try synonyms. If synonyms don’t work, try another topic or think of where else you can get information.
  • Some articles in YHR/NYT might cost money…
  • Tilt?
  • Homework
  • This is Not a Test 276-308
  • Companies and the flat world
    i. Seven Rules—disaggregate the work as with Flatteners
  • Narrow your choice of topics down to two by Monday. This might mean more digging to see if it’s possible to write about it.
  • We will be reading the Conclusion next, so if you have time, get started.

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