Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Day 24

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 24 Spring 2008

  1. CHANGE: Due Dates for TWIF essay
    1. Rough Draft May 12th

The Right Stuff and Quiet Crisis

  1. CQ=PQ>IQ
  2. Plays Well with Others
  3. The Right Brain Stuff
  4. Tubas and Test Tubes
  5. The Right Country

Quiet Crisis: DLS 1-6


  1. East Yakima Early Learning Yakima, ESD 105 and Gates
  2. The DREAM Act
  3. Washington Learns
  4. The role of YVCC/Community Colleges overall (new buildings/collaborations)

The future of Agriculture in Yakima

  1. Aspargus and South American trade agreements
  2. The Apple Juice Capital of the World? Selah?
  3. Trademarks/patents and inventions—ROBOTS!


  1. McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill
  2. Changes to H2A and H1B
    1. Zirkle
    2. Global Horizon
    3. Microsoft
  3. Nativist movements such as Grassroots Yakima and The Minutemen.

Propose a new business model based on what you have read.
What will be the new niche in Yakima? How can Yakima use the Flat World to our advantage?

  1. Tourism as economic base in Yakima? Wine? Black Rock?
  2. Jail beds as an economic base in Yakima?
  1. Reading schedule:
    1. The Untouchables to Great Adapters by Wednesday 5.7
    2. The Untouchables to end by Thursday 5.8
    3. 11/9 v 9/11 by Friday 5.9

Look at Untouchables and maybe How Companies Cope for Business, Ag.

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