Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 38

English Lesson Plan Day 38

  1. Handing back essays
    1. Disappointing, overall
      1. We shouldn't be talking about thesis statements today.
    2. Even the best writers had things to work on.
    3. Losing to Pullman High School my sophmore year.
  2. Grades so far (-BP and –ABS)
  3. Average Score
  4. Thesis statements, this is an issue for your In Class Essays as well
    1. Review
    2. Review
    3. Exercise
  5. MLA Death Match 2K8 next week
  6. In class essays returned tomorrow along with schedule for the rest of the quarter.
  7. Homework: Read R1-R2 Hacker (Conducting Research and Evaluating Sources)
  8. Quiz over this and thesis statements tomorrow.

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