Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 40

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 40 Spring 2008

  1. Quiz on Research skills
  2. Correct quiz
  3. Return in-class essay—not bad, overall. Mostly, time was an issue.
  4. Timeline:

Friday: Sample Essays, Revision Instructions

Monday: Final Draft of How We Can Duplicate Angela's Success. Two copies. /40 points towards Final Draft Score. I'm not going to try to get us to put them all together except in class.

Tuesday: How We Can Duplicate returned, MLA Death Match Round One

Wednesday: Peer Editing

Thursday: MLA Death Match Round Two

Friday: Last Day of class, Cover Letter Due

Monday (June 9th): Revised essays due by noon.


On the surface.

In reality.



What we can do to increase mobility.

Pick and choose from all three books

  1. What can the government do? Why do we like this answer?
  2. What can the culture do?
  3. What is up to the individual?
  4. What can't we duplicate?
  5. What's wrong with saying: Marriage
    1. Why are we afraid of saying, Get married?
  6. What's wrong with saying: Public Housing/Childcare/Transportation
    1. Why are we cheap on these issues?

Where would the money come from?

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