Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 36

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 36 Spring 2008

  1. English Electives Fall Quarter
  2. In class writing assignment

On the surface.
In reality.
Likely/Unlikely to change?

In Class Writing Assignment for Tuesday.

Meet in C226

20 points towards "final draft score"

How can we duplicate Angela's success? What's the best way to increase mobility?

  1. Human capital?
  2. Social Capital?
  • What part can we solve through government?
  • What part can we solve through changes to culture?
  • What part is up to the individual?

Lots has been discussed in the NYTimes comments section.

Consider a brief C-A.

What does Class Matters say?
What does TWIF say?
What does N&D say? Where's the friction?

What makes the most sense to you?

By the end of the quarter, we will merge our first and final essays.

In other words, what you do on Tuesday will be revised similarly to what you did at the start of the quarter, but the in-class part is worth more.

This is new for me so I don't know the dates yet.

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