Monday, March 02, 2009

Day 39

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 39

Bonus Points

Meet in Labs tomorrow.

Rough Drafts due end of period tomorrow (500 half-good words)

Hand back "Discovery Drafts"—a couple of examples

Grades/Essays for 1130 class

Sample Essay available

Now, for some help with the rough draft:

Pick your top three from the list

How do we help Angela Whitiker overcome these sources of economic friction?

  1. What are the solutions offered by the books?
  2. Research for some of these is in your books

What are our original solutions?

Research for these topics is encouraged.

  1. Education
    1. Parenting
    2. Collect at state level and spread equally
    3. Emphasize
      1. CQ+PQ
      2. Math/Science
      3. Right Brain
      4. Learn to Learn
      5. Collaborators
    4. Tougher tests
    5. Longer school days
    6. Longer school years
    7. Universal Preschool
      1. Head Start
    8. College Aid
    9. Increase vocational/trade programs
    10. Classes through work
  2. Health Care
    1. Expand congressional health care to 47 million w/o coverage
    2. Portable coverage

    3. Isolation

    1. Protest
      1. Social Activism
    2. Change Housing rules/styles
      1. We've tried large projects
      2. We've tried easier loans
    3. Credit Crisis
    4. Required class in teacher prep.
    5. Immigration reform
    6. Language classes
    7. News catching up with this?

  3. Family Structure
    1. Shift focus of sex ed
    2. Leadership

  4. Transportation
    1. Mass transit
  5. Information
    1. Expand broadband
    2. 211

  6. Child care
    1. Universal pre-school
    2. Expand government care
    3. Be more generous with paid leave
  7. Social Capital
    1. Parenting
    2. End "marriage penalty"
    3. Promote marriages in PSA's etc
    4. Require classes for license
    5. Allow gay marriage
    6. Leadership/Bully Pulpit
  8. Human Capital
    1. Parenting
    2. Word of the Month
    3. Gear Up
    4. Attendance rewards
    5. Grade rewards
    6. Big Brothers
    7. Peer Mentors
    8. DARE
    9. Parenting classes
      1. Tough love
    10. "Stable, predictable environment, good behavior is rewarded +practice"
    11. Universal Preschool
    12. Personal finance classes
    13. Public Speaking classes
    14. Leadership/bully pulpit
  9. Increase minimum wage to living wage
  10. Wage Insurance
  11. Other?
    1. Faith Based programs?
    2. Volunteering
    3. Reaching out/Mission work

  12. Prohibitions?
    1. Make divorce harder, for ex
    2. Smoking/Drinking
    3. Number of children
  13. Censorship?
  14. Mandates?
  15. What about drugs/alcohol?
  16. Opportunities /Pathways


SamWofford said...

Thanks Mr.Peters this helps. Even though i should already know this from class.

Brandon Root said...

I am sure Mr. Peters went over all this stuff in class today. I felt kinda lost and still wasn't sure what the essay was supposed to address. At least I can figure out my direction now

Eric Manzo said...

This actually helps a lot now I can make a outline for tomorrows rough draft. It narrows it down a lot. Thanks Peters much appreciated.

Barry W. said...

i think this is really helpful we didnt have enough room to write it all down in class today. this is a good start.

Kirsten said...

Here is a really good article about Culture of Poverty, if your writing about culture changes in your essay it could help a lot.

publius said...

I have often said that the only thing more complex than a person is people. That is why society is infinitely complex, because not only are there a lot of people but the population, and consequently culture, is always changing.

SamWofford said...

Good website Kirsten. Thats what makes culture and people so unique because they are ever changing.

JLYNN said...

This stuff was great and I used it all for my paper. However my "discovery draft" did not help. I never use my rough draft. I always BS one just to turn in and then start completely over for my final draft

LindsyM. said...

Thank you Mr. Peters that really helped me understand the assignment while i was gone after I had surgery. I appreciated it.