Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Day 41

Lesson Plan English 102 Day 41

  1. Counter-Argument: Two Approaches--Other ideas that might help--or--Why your ideas might not work. Either way works, but for full points, be sure to Concede, Refute, Accomodate, or Reject as irrelevant.
  2. Health Care for Poor, Minorities
  3. College not for Everyone
  4. Financial Leadership program


"How Can We Duplicate" revision is due this Friday ONLY IF you are interested in using this essay as your final, final essay. This gives me time to respond and you time to revise it.

If you KNOW you are revising a different essay, (N &D or TWIF) Revised "How Can We Duplicate" Essay is not due until THURSDAY, March 12th.

  1. Peer edit "How Can We Duplicate" in class

    1. We're looking for clear topics in each paragraph
    2. We're looking for support from Class Matters, Nickel and Dimed, The World is Flat
    3. We're looking for an awareness of Counter-Arguments from the above books as well.

      1. Here's how we'll do it

        1. Write a question or two you need answered. The more specific the better.
        2. Number paragraphs
        3. Hand to partner at your table.
        4. Peer edit without reading aloud.

          1. Stay focused.
          2. Give it your complete attention.
          3. They are counting on you.

Peer edit your own essay as homework tonight.


Barry W. said...

i am working on my essay. it needs to get done. i want a good grade on it. i like good grades.

Eric Manzo said...

I love the breaking news it gives me more time to write my essay. Thank you Mr. Peters for the extra time. I have to take advantage of the situation Thank you again.

kristina.s.ballasiotes said...

I LOVE the breaking news!!! It saved me from spending my birthday writing a paper for english. Not that i dont LOVE writing papers. Peters gave me a good birthday gift!!

JCampos said...

Seriously! The only bad part about this wonderful gift is for the people that spent all night the night before the essay was due making final changes! Dumb, dumb people! HA! (sarcastic laugh)

Mindy said...

Thanks for the breaking news. Even though it will give me more time i will probably forget that the new due date is friday.

JLYNN said...

I love when we get extra time to procrastinate! Bring on the stress of writing another last minute essay. I should get a trophy or something for this.

LindsyM. said...

I liked the Breaking News! Thank you Mr. Peters for allowing us extra time to finish writing our essay. It was very helpful. If I wouldn't have sat down with someone one and had them look over my paper I wouldnt have done very well.