Thursday, March 05, 2009

Day 42

Lesson Plan Day 42 English 102


  1. Scoring the essay
  2. MLA for Class Matters
  3. MLA for David Brooks
  4. Counter Argument Power Point

Complete Peer Editing


Barry W. said...

day 42. were almost to the finish line. i need to get more points. i dont have a good grade in this class.

publius said...

That was really hard trying to do peer reviews with so little time. The feedback I got was still helpful though so thank you to my group.

JLYNN said...

I never write enough of a rough draft to even have it peer edited. So it's hard for me to even want to come to class since I am not really getting anything out of it.

Amy said...

I really like the peer editing. It really seems to help me out. This Angela Whitiker essay is really difficult for me. I just feel like i have nothing to say.

LindsyM. said...

I like it when we have peer editing days. I like getting feedback about my paper. Sometimes I have a paper that is all over the place. It is nice to have someone look at it and give me advice about how to organize it.

Mindy said...

i like the peer editing days too, but sometimes it's hard to peer edit someones paper when the gave sections missing lol