Friday, March 07, 2008

Cover Letter Assignment

Cover Letter Assignment

Your cover letter should be 1-2 single spaced pages and present an evaluation of how you have performed as a student/writer this quarter.

Your cover letter should take the standard letter format, (See Hacker for this) with a date, and an address:

Mr. Dan Peters


Yakima, Washington



and formal salutation, (Dear Mr. Peters is fine for now), and a signature line at the end for your own signature.

Ideas/Questions that might help you get started:

  • How would you describe yourself as a writer before the class? How has this changed?
  • How did you write papers before this class? How has this class changed your process?
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses as you see them in your thinking, reading, and writing for this course. Use the rubrics to help frame this response.
  • What work do you do before you begin to write a draft of an essay? How do you develop a strong main point for your essays?
  • How would you describe the peer group work as it affected your writing? Did it help you to have other readers for your papers besides the instructor? What sorts of comments were the most/least helpful to you? Did reading a peer's paper give you any new perspectives on your own writing?
  • What have you improved on this quarter?
  • What skills do you still need to work on?
  • How about as a student overall? (Ways of Seeing the World, attendance, participation, homework etc)




bluesccrchick said...

I had to write a cover letter last quarter for my englsih 102 class, and it's actually kind of easy to write when you get started, you finally get to let someone else know what is on your mind in the form of paper.

bluesccrchick said...

I was really relieved that Mr. Peters mentioned that we didn't have to answer every single on of these questons, that would be a long paper.

Mushroompal88 said...

I actually like doing cover letters, it makes one recap the whole experience of English class in one piece of writing. There isn't any evidence part or quotes here and there, you just get to talk about yourself and how you feel.

melissa said...

I think it won't be hard to write a cover letter because you just have to explain how you have succeded in your english and maybe even compare it to Angela's success.

Anna said...

This may seem odd, but I am looking forward writing to this cover letter. Well more than the papers :p

kkaylawyer said...

I completely remember doing this from last quarter. If you haven't had Peters this year (or ever) this is a really efective learning tool.

F.F.K.Larson said...
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F.F.K.Larson said...

This is definitly a new unique assignment in my book, but i see how it can be good practice for the future. Atleast now i will be prepared and have an idea of what to do and what is coming.

Beth said...

I am not excited about writing something else in my already busy life, but I think it will be good for future use.

English 102 student said...

I think this is a good tool for Mr. "P" to use. It lets him know if you yourself think you have improved. Thats his job, to teach. Some dont even try, that their right, but to those who want to learn have been given the chance. Mr. "P" does a good job of keeping the class focused and excited, "although not as excited as he gets at times." This has been a goog quarter for me.

English 102 student said...

A goog quarter?????
How about GOOD!!!!!

herreraele said...

last time i did a cover letter was when i had English 75 with Mrs. Hopkins, her class was very hard like Mr. Peters class.

SNO_ANGEL said...

I did my cover letter, and found that because I was in the hospital for a week I had problems with attendance, but I did make up all my work and I think that should count for something, is you are failing because of excessive absences, that is a different story, but I think a legitimate excuse should be considered, just my opinion.

Ben Britz said...

I don;t get it. why do we have to write a letter? SO we can do more writing ontop of our already packed schedule? argh!

~*~Andrea~*~ said...

This is the second cover letter I have wrote and they are pretty easy to write. It helps me think back to the whole quarter and how my writing was before this class and after. I like to look at how I have improved and what I still an improve on, it's a really helpful tool and this assignment should get you to thinking about your writing intently.