Thursday, March 06, 2008

Day 41

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 41

  1. More notes on AW's climb
    1. Pick and choose from all three books
    2. What about the 56%, 39%, 35% numbers?
    3. What's wrong with saying: Marriage
      1. Why are we afraid of saying, Get married?
    4. What's wrong with saying: Public Housing/Childcare/Transportation
      1. Why are we cheap on these issues?
    5. What can the government do?
    6. What role does "awareness" play?
    7. What can't the government do?
  2. Peer Editing in groups of three
  3. Both in-class and take home questions are due tomorrow at the BEGINNING of the period. Don't use the writing center as a printing center, please.
  4. In-text citataions: Yes
  5. Works Cited: No
  6. You have a week, starting on Monday, (or tomorrow if you know which one), to revise either: N&D'd essay; TWIF essay; In-class/Take home essay, for a better grade.
  7. You can't get a worse grade.
  8. I'll talk tomorrow about how to pick which one.
  9. Essays back
  10. Grades so far, not including bp


Bronte Cole said...

Instead of saying marriage, I tried to stress strong family relationahips in my essay. Marriage is not hte answer for eveyone, but i think its good to have someone to turn to when you need it.

SNO_ANGEL said...
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SNO_ANGEL said...

It is hard to believe that in today’s world a woman still needs marriage. But looking at it from a different point of view, instead of the old fashioned "women grow up to get married" it does make sense in the situation we described, to have a stable, supportive, partner who can split costs, chores and offer emotional support while we are climbing the economic ladder. Going to school is not easy and it helps to have someone there to share your successes and your failures, (hopefully few). Sometimes family support is not enough. In today’s world, a lot of families are spread out all over the states and the world. An in- home support would be an excellent resource. But at the same time, as we discussed it can't be just anyone. It has to be a special person with goals in common and some one who supports your efforts and decisions to further your education.

SNO_ANGEL said...

I was so nervous to get my paper back, I was pleasantly surprised to get my paper back. I worked really hard on this one. Hard work still pays off. I feel like I am learning a lot in this class and that it is making me a better writer. However when we do peer review, I read some really good papers and wish I could settle into a writing style like some of the others I read.

bluesccrchick said...

I was extremely nervous to get my paper back, i almost didn't want it back. But Mr. Peters has written some advice in all of my papers, so now i kind of know what it is that he's looking for and what i should look at when i write.

bluesccrchick said...

I really like talking about Angela Whitiker's climb, it's a very interesting climb to talk about and so many people have so many different ideas and opinions about the story.

Mushroompal88 said...

I don't think that we should see marriage as the way to get ahead in America. If it really has to come down to relying completely on someone else, it obviously means we need more social help. Child care for instance could have made Angela's life a lot more easier to deal with. Not to mention if she was paid more than minimum wage, she could afford to raise her children more comfortably.

melissa said...

I was very upset when i saw my grade for my second essay. I though i was going to do much better because i spent alot more time on it and I actually did more research.

kkaylawyer said...

I wanted to clarify something I mentioned in class about marriage.
When I stated that the definition of marriage should be taken into account it goes not mean that I support alternative ways of marriage. But I do not judge those who choose other than my beliefs. The conservative view for this day and age just doesn't seem to work with todays day and age of relationships.

Beth said...

In my essay, I stressed that the government needs to offer support groups. Alcoholics Anonymous helps gather people together with the same problem, drinking. If people gathered together who are struggling in the lower class, they could be encouraged by sharing their stories and knowing there are other people like them in the world.

English 102 student said...

I my opinion, we have must change the disposible society we live in. We Americans are pretty spoiled. Something breaks, throw it away and get a new one. New gadgets and technology throw out the old and in with the new. The same happens in relationships too, in a broad sence. Sure some relationships need to end but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. "If your not fimiliar with that analogy....ask your parent(s)."

herreraele said...

i think that i need more help on the second essay i did realy bad.

Ben Britz said...

Funny how most people went with the marriage thing to guide them thorugh they're paper...i probibly should have done what everyone else did and got a better grade lol

~*~Andrea~*~ said...

I agree with sno_angel that is hard to believe today a woman needs marriage to make it. But I also know that it is a lot easier to have someone to help you with all of the stuff you have to deal with today. I don't think we are stuck on the old fashioned point of view you have to grow up to get married but a lot of woman still want that. And with all the expenses today it is very helpful to have someone to share the responsibilities with.
I think that when we talked in class about how to raise the bar of people getting into longer relationships and getting married to outcome to more success is a good idea but also hard to do.
Today we have kind of strayed away from the moral way of marriage and it is deemed "ok" to get married than divorced the next minute... but if you start young and keep the idea of commitment maybe that would help.

~*~Andrea~*~ said...
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katie said...

Angela really put it into perspective for me to see that it takes a lot to get ahead but if you work hard you will eventually get there!

F.F.K.Larson said...

I found the numbers brought up in the book, were amazing statistics. I was amazed that simply marrying someone would bring you up in class status, though now that i hear it i see the logic to it.