Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Day 39

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 39

  1. CM in class essay question
    1. Jeff and Andy
    2. Deck of cards metaphor
    3. Perception v. Reality and likelihood of change
      1. Unlikely to change:
      2. Likely to change:
    4. Which is more likely?
    5. What if we take N&D'd into account and 15 yrs on Bottom Rung?
  2. Hand in Shadowy Lines worksheets for 10 points.
  3. Angela Whitaker's Climb
    1. Fast review of life before 23
    2. Life from 1996-2002
    3. Life after passing the test
  4. What made her a success?
    1. How do liberals see it?
    2. How do conservatives see it?
    3. How are each wrong and each right?
  5. Big Changes to Schedule and Scoring:
    1. Take Home Essay, rough draft due Wed—Plan about an hour of WRITING TIME but more thought/review/research time will be needed. 20 points possible—towards prewriting scores. There's no way I can read all the rough drafts in time, so I'll be looking for two (+) double spaced pages.
      1. How can we duplicate her success?
        1. Human capital
        2. Social capital
          1. What part can we solve through government?
          2. What part can we solve through changes to culture?
          3. What part is up to the individual?
        3. What about the recommendations from N&D'd in Evaluation chapter?
        4. What about Friedman in TWIF: Untouchables, The Right Stuff and This is Not a Test?
  6. For Thursday: Bring both for peer editing and comments from me.

Friday: Revise and hand in both in-class and take home portions of the Class Matters essays—40 points possible.


Beth said...

I wasn't too happy with my in class essay. I hope I can do better on the take home as I want to get a good grade in this class.

herreraele said...

I feel that i could have done better on the in class essay. I will try to do better next time with the essay that we take home.

karl.t.wright said...

I'm glad the take home rough draft isn't due until Thursday. But I'll have to discipline myself to work on it. I already failed the marshmallow article test, doh!

eesirock said...

I'm relieved the rough draft isn't due until Thursday. It will probably take me some time to figure out what I want to do. My in class essay wasn't the greatest but I thought I did pretty good for being kind of ADD that day.

rachel.c.riddle said...

The in-class essay wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. It was just the pressure of getting what was already in my mind to appear on paper. I am so happy that the take home rough draft is due Thursday, what a relief!

F.F.K.Larson said...
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Mushroompal88 said...

Yeah, I was happy about the draft due Thursday too. I have so many things to do, it was a nice little surprise. I just hope I do better on this essay than the first one.

F.F.K.Larson said...

↑↑↑ Do you (Prof. Peters) really give extra credit for comments like these? It seems like cheating the system to me.

Bronte Cole said...

The human and social capital is still a little confusing to me, and im also not really sure how to tie The World is Flat and Nickel and Dimed in either.

SNO_ANGEL said...
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SNO_ANGEL said...

I think I blew the in class essay, I was up half the night (1 am - 4:30 am) using the Inspiration program to do a sunburst and outline. It kept freaking out and doubling idea circles and it had line connecting unrelated ideas which created a mess of an outline. God knows I was MAD. Finally came up with an outline I was happy with and when I got to class I only used one third of my outline. CRAZY!!!!

11:50 AM

bluesccrchick said...

The take home essay felt a lot like the in class essay, I felt so rushed to write it and had to make sure I wrote something good.

F.F.K.Larson said...

Sadly I feel like the in class essay was far easier task. I think performed much better on the original inclass essay as to the take home essay.

English 102 student said...

The in class writting was tough for everyone it appears. I'm much more at ease writing without time constraints. Time will tell, I'm hoping to get a fair grade on the paper, but mine isnt as long as the others we had to do.

kkaylawyer said...

I felt really prepared for this in-class essay. I hit four pages, but I feel extremely lucky. I tend to ramble on so we'll see how this goes.

Anna said...

Weird, my in class essay was my best yet...I think I'll try it[speed writing] again...

~*~Andrea~*~ said...

I'm glad the rough draft isn't due un till thursday. I have so much things to do other than this class that i have to get done tonight and giving me one extra day will make it so I can put all my attention on the assignment tomorrow... so I am not distracted.