Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 43

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 43


  1. Hand back everything.
    1. Now's the time to get things straight.
    2. Abs.
  2. Notes on AW climb essay    
    1. Again, impressive, given time allowed.
    2. Define Terms for capital first
    4. Education and Welfare rules
    5. TWIF tertiary education
  3. Notes on In Class Essay
    1. Some improvements
      1. Some of it was me getting a second look
        1. After reading take homes
        2. After in class discussion on Tuesday
      2. Some of it was you adding support
  4. Today:
    1. Work on revision
      1. Research
      2. MLA style
      3. Grammar
      4. Outline your essay
      5. Ask me questions
    2. Work on your cover letter
    3. Work on Portfolio Review worksheet
  5. Tomorrow:
    1. MLA Deathmatch2K8—This time, it's personal.
    2. Portfolio worksheet due.
  6. Wednesday
    1. Peer edit final, final draft
    2. Peer edit cover letter
  7. Thursday
    1. MLA Deathmatch2K8, lightning round, sudden death and the dramatic conclusion
  8. Friday
    1. Last day of our class.
    2. Shoot for this to hand in your work
  9. Monday 17th
    1. Final Revised Essay Due
    2. Cover Letter Due
      1. By Noon in front of my office


Anna said...

So are we going to get points for this MLA death match? Sounds really interesting, I wans't around last quarter with Peters so I'm in the blind :)

melissa said...

I have no clue Anna I had him for english 75 and he didn't do this eigther so i am nervous the good thing is that we could get extra credit points.

Mushroompal88 said...

Extra points? I am for more points, need as many as I can get. I am not really that good on MLA, so I hope I do okay.

kkaylawyer said...

The MLA death match really helped me last quarter. It was extremely interesting when our group thought we held up the wrong answer. Make sure to refer to your Diana Hacker book, and last quarter the MLA DM was worth points.

F.F.K.Larson said...

Ok so what im guessing is that this is a group game, for extra credit. Does anyone know any more than that, or what exactly it is.

Beth said...

I am glad we got our grade in the class today. I want to revise my paper, but I want to know where I stand as it is now.

SNO_ANGEL said...

MLA Death Match, what a rush, lol! Go Team #4!!!! It's actually a fun way to learn MLA and to test your knowledge. I still have my "Steak Knife" from last Quarter, lol! This Quarter I want the car!

SNO_ANGEL said...

Tomorrow we are doing peer editing. I have 3 papers that need to be reviewed, so it is going to be a long night tonight, and I have a meeting at 7, really long night!!! I am making use of the Writing Center, they are a great help.

SNO_ANGEL said...
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SNO_ANGEL said...

SNO_ANGEL said...
I really got a lot of help today going over what Mr. Peters wanted on the Angela Whitaker paper. I was a little lost but now I know he wants more comparison and details related to the actual story, and how we can duplicate Angela's success at moving up.

herreraele said...

Man it was fun playing this game. this is the first time i had teacher that does this to kill time =)

English 102 student said...

Okay group # 4 it's on. We have been studying all day. Tonight we are going to stay awake hours upon hour with Hacker. We will eat, walk, talk, and dream Hacher. I'm even looking into waterproof editions so we can study in the shower and the bathtub. # 4, were coming for you...Grrrrrrrrrr.......

~*~Andrea~*~ said...

I'm really glad we got our grades today. I needed to know where I was standing in the class. I missed a whole bunch of absences. This quarter has been really interesting compared to last quarter. I decided after looking at my grades that I was going to redo essay #2..the ones about education or immigration. Mine was about the DREAM Act, and i can earn 11 more points on it so its worth it to redo it. Also, like Mr. Peters said its not just the grade you are trying to improve, you are improving your writing skills and I'm always up for improving and learning.

SNO_ANGEL said...

Ok English 102 student, it's on now, the gloves are coming off!!!!

Ben Britz said...

omg!! so many things to do so little time...I knew some of the kids from the 101 class would have the upper hand with the fair !!!