Friday, March 14, 2008

Last Day

Lesson Plan Last Day English 102

  1. MLADM2K8 Shootout
  2. H/I Cover Letter H/I Final, Final Draft
  3. Essays must include my comments
  4. Paper clips/staples
  5. Due Monday by Noon at my office.
  6. gated community TWIF
  7. Complete Feedback.
  8. Return of Essays, etc
    1. First week of Spring Quarter.
    2. Grades mostly.
    3. For more feedback from me, bring your essay in and we'll go over it.


  9. Grades due Next Friday, posted online under schedule that day
  10. My schedule
    1. Spring English 070 x2 and English 102.
    2. Fall: English 101x3 and Creative Writing.
    3. Winter 102x3
    4. Spring 70 x2 and Creative Writing


  11. Also, you can ask about anything anytime.
  12. You can say hi to me on campus. Say your name and I'll say mine.
  13. You can say hi to each other.


  14. Andy Blevins' story.


    1. One in there Americans in their mid-twenties attended but did not finish college.


    2. Only 41 percent of low-income students entering a four year college managed to graduate within five years. (66% of high income did).


  1. 75 percent of students enrolling in community colleges said they hoped to transfer to a four year institution. But only 17 percent of those made the switch within five year. The rest were out working or still studying toward the two year degree.


  1. This is not the path you are on.


This is the path you are on.


herreraele said...

Man the last day of class. I hope that everyone does well in this class and the other once. hope to see you guy around.

Eleazar Herrera

kkaylawyer said...

Man this last day of class post makes me sad!
I really learned a lot this quarter. My parents even notice how I make reference to what we do in this class all of the time.
The good thing for me though, is that I am now done with all of my english credits signaling I've almost made it through my first year of college.
I'll never forget TWIF or Class Matters. Nickle and Dimed, well intriuged another reading for me called "Scratch Beginnings" I encourage all to go read it. This book my give everyone another point of view for this class.

~*~Andrea~*~ said...

This is the last day and it's crazy. I said i was going to get my paper done by today and I have been editing it but I'm not all the way happy with it yet, so I am going to have my friend go over it first and tell me what she thinks than i am going to douple, quadrouple check it, cause I want to make sure it's perfect and that I have fixed my errors. So i guess I am going to turn it in Monday.
This class has been fun and has very interesting people in it.
I hope everyone has a great spring break and doesn't do anything i wouldn't

F.F.K.Larson said...

Sadly, yet happily this is the last day of class, I was excited, but am still sad i truely have hated every english course and pretty much every english professor i've had, but i sincerely enjoyed this class, and its one of the few yvcc classes i feel will travel with me, and i will miss it.

rachel.c.riddle said...

I’ll never forget this class or Mr. Peters. I really learned a lot, and I have better knowledge of our “flat world,” which is good. This has been one class that sometimes ended to soon. I am always referring to what I learned in this class, and I talk about it a lot. Hope everyone has a nice break, and as Mr. Peters says, “Have a great weekend. Don’t do anything stupid.” See ya around campus!

karl.t.wright said...

"One in there Americans in their mid-twenties attended but did not finish college." Ahem, I believe it is one in THREE Americans. ;)

Beth said...

Wow. I can't believe the quarter is over. The past 10 weeks went by sooo fast. I have really enjoyed this class and will definitely recommend Mr. Peters to everybody who takes English. He is awesome!