Monday, March 31, 2008

Day One

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 1

  • Question to your right. Question about the class. Question about the teacher.
  • Ask question to the right.
    • Pictures
  • To the left: shirts and shoes on side? board
  • Careers, current/anticipated on board
  • Syllabus read. Revise question based on syllabus.
    • A couple of additions
      • Office Hour 1130-1230
      • Frequent BP offered, but only up to 100% of prewriting grade
  • Homework: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide (Class Matters). 1-14
  • I've got English 70 after English 102. What have you learned about college? What wisdom/tips can you pass on about:
    • Academics
    • Culture

Difference between HS and College


dothehula88 said...

Hey, I just wanted to post something now that I have a google account. These accounts are free right? Cool. This is Lori Reifel. Adios.

guyh said...
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guyh said...

What did everyone think of the first chapter of, "Class Matters?" Does everyone think that hard work, education, and right connections are enough to move up the economic ladder? Also, do you all think you will have higher incomes than your parents in 10 years?