Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 12

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 12

  1. The three rules of Peer Editing
    1. Be Kind
    2. Be Honest
    3. Have thick skin


  1. Hand out copies (apologize, if needed, give permission to shred)
    1. Someone other than the writer reads it aloud.
    2. Mark it as you go.
    3. Fill in form.
    4. Discuss form with writer
    5. Writer asks questions.
    6. Sample?


  1. Homework: Complete peer editing forms for tomorrow. (13 points) Hand them in to box in front of my office.
    1. If you are in 830 class, please pick them up and have them ready to go by Friday when you get to class.

Final Drafts due in a week (bring two copies)


karl.t.wright said...

Did anyone see the questions set next to the papers that we were supposed to take home? I don't rmemember seeing them and they're not posted on this blog...I'll look again, maybe I just missed them (I was pretty tired).

karl.t.wright said...

NM, found it. :embarrassed: