Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 4

Lesson Plan Day 4

  1. Homework: Finish Serving and complete the questions.
  2. No late work accepted. No exceptions, but chances to dig out of the hole on the daily work. Not so much with essays.
  3. Get names
  4. How to read Nickel and Dimed
  5. Useful links
  6. Start Now- Find quotes that…
    1. Describe the boss(es)
    2. Describe the physical work/working conditions
    3. Describe the mental effort
    4. Describe the living conditions
    5. Describe the coworkers
    6. An interesting footnote
  7. Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days (anybody got this video?)
    1. Black Like Me is the model.
    2. Teaches empathy.

The point of both: If it's this hard for me (with all these advantages/safety nets) you can imagine how much harder it is for those really dealing with it.

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