Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Support and Opposition for Minimum Wages


Supporters of the minimum wage claim it has these effects:


Opponents of the minimum wage claim it has these effects:


klgoss said...

What are other people doing for their papers. I am doing mine on supprot for minimum wage. My three points are decreases welfare, increases economy, and increase the standrd of living. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Beth said...

These are very interesting. Since I started reading the Ehrenreich (sp?) book, I have thought a lot more about minimum wage, and I have discussed it a lot with my friends and family. However, this post provided points that I had never thought about before.

kayla said...

After reading the few pages of Nickel and Dimed my opinion on minimum wage is still undetermined. This is mostly because of my age and lack of knowledge. I have only had one job and I don't fully understand what welfare and other issues affect minimum wage.