Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 8

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 8

Hand in Scrubbing and Selling

  1. Quiz first 150 pages
  2. Living conditions?
  3. Coworkers?
  4. Review study guide questions for "Selling in Minnesota"
    1. Questions 1 and 2 in groups
    2. Questions 3-5 as a class


January 17th: Paper format. Research. Writing. My best shot at what's a good paper.

Jan. 18th: Complete discussion of Nickel and Dimed. Outline of Evaluation Chapter Due.

January 22nd: Outline of your essay due

January 23rd: Rough Draft Due. Bring four copies for peer editing.

January 24th: No class. 930 class pick up essays to peer edit from Kelley in English Dept.

January 25th: Complete Peer Editing..

January 25th: Introduction to using sources. How to integrate.

January 29th: Draft Two Due. Bring two copies.

Homework: (For Monday)

  1. Read Class Matters 111-124
  2. Read Hacker C2-a (Intro/Thesis)
  3. Read Hacker C6-c (Evaluating Arguments—inductive, deductive, emotional appeals, legitimate and otherwise, opposing views)


eesirock said...

Has anyone else finished the book yet? I finished it yesterday, and personally, I did not like it at all. Barbara just got on my nerves becaue she complained so much. In fact, in the conclusion, she says that all upper class people have to do is complain and their problem is solved. I don't think she quite grasped the concept of the role of the minimum wage earner.

mullinnex17 said...

She definitly did complain alot. I would like to see someone else, with alittle more drive, go in and pull it off. Maybe her whole problem was trying not to act educated, but the fact is that alot of people are capable of being more than entry level workers, though they just dont go after the better positions, i feel.