Monday, January 14, 2008

Useful Links for the essays

Sojourners, a Christian magazine aimed at social justice, registration required

Living Wage on Wiki

Maximum wage? on Wiki

Renters, check here.

The Catholic Church in Yakima and Housing

Lower Valley Gets Help from UW in housing

ORFH--or office of rural and farmworker housing

Low income housing issues in YHR

Help Wanted Ads, YHR, for men?

The Psychology of the working poor (a disturbing report)

Salon article I keep referencing is here

Employer ethics

Best places to work (this is really interesting stuff)

NPR on best places to work

NPR on Minimum wage

NPR on Employers view of Min Wage (good page)

Poverty and Mental Health

"Poverty is a state of mind" HUD official raises uproar


eesirock said...

I don't like the idea of the maximum wage. If there was a maximum wage, what would be the point of progressing far into college, like on to graduate school? Your money put into your education wouldn't pay off, so there would be no point. Then our society would lack the professionals it needs, such as doctors or lawyers.

Beth said...

These links are amazing. I used a lot of them while I was writing my paper. They all have different opinions.