Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 17

Lesson Plan Day 17 English 102


  1. Complete OR Essay 1
  2. Essays back in +/- a week. Please don't ask until then.
  3. The Governor, here, talking about what we're reading.
  4. The front page of TODAY'S paper + others
  5. Options for essay two.
  6. Thomas Friedman and "The Other Side of Outsourcing"
  7. Assign one of ten flatteners.


Reading Schedule for The World is Flat week one


Please have through the pages listed prior to class on that date.


January 31: first half of While I Was Sleeping

Feb 1st: Second Half of While I Was Sleeping


Feb 2nd: One chapter from "Ten Forces that Flattened the Earth" assigned in groups.

Feb 4th: The Great Sorting Out first half

Feb. 5th: The Great Sorting Out second half

Feb. 6th: America and Free Trade

Feb 8th: The Untouchables

Feb 9th: The Right Stuff

Feb 10th: The Quiet Crisis

Feb 11th: This is Not a Test


Feb 12th: How Companies Cope

Feb 13th: The Unflat World

Feb 14th: 11/9 versus 9/11


Beth said...

I have really enjoyed all the posts this month. They have especially been helpful these past three days for taking and sending notes to a missing class member. I can tell her exactly what she missed, and she can read the homework herself.

ben-pitman said...

Well, so far I have found "The World Is Flat" to have to much corperate talk. I tried to sit down and read it but was probably a little destracted. I'll give it another run at it to night. Is there any advise out there to help me stay focused on such a bussiness like language.

English 102 student said...

Did you all see the reading schedule? Looks like we need to get into some kind grove for the up coming schedule Mr. P. has laid out. As far as your question Ben.
I'm not sure, if you find a reading secret, LET ME KNOW!!!

eesirock said...

Well I think Mr. Friedman is definitely a better writer than Ehrenreich. I was actually interested in what he was saying rather than being annoyed. The business language is hard to understand... I'm noot sure if this helps but basically skim over what you're reading and then try to go back and read it. I found it a little easier to understand what was going on by the end of the chapter.