Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 6

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 6

  1. Webpage comments sections.

    1. Here's where I'm at: 3 bonus points for those who contributed this past week.

    2. Going forward: 1 bonus point for each post longer than 20 words. You're responsible for printing them out, only your own, and bringing them in at the end of the month.

    3. I'm concerned about moderating this. Can you help me:, if something goes off the tracks?

  2. Further BP opportunities here. Eligible workshops: Copyright, EBSCO-General; Plagiarism; Proquest; Research skills—both; Web Evaluation.

  3. Homework

    1. N&D 121-143 (Monday) 143-169 (Tuesday); 169-191 (Wednesday); 193-221 (Thursday)

    2. Selling and Scrubbing Questions due Wednesday.

    3. Quiz on first 150 pages of N&D, Wednesday

    4. Quiz on Faces and Names Tomorrow for 1030 class

  4. Quiz Names and Faces.

  5. Writing Process

    1. Types of Prewriting

    2. Now you try.

  6. Research?

  7. Review Scrubbing questions.

  8. We'll come back to the co-workers and living conditions question. I haven't forgotten. I'm saving them.

Nickel and Dimed, the musical?

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eesirock said...

Ok so I was just wondering if anyone came up with a good way to study for the quiz? Because I'm not exactly sure what parts to study and what not.