Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 5

Lesson Plan English 102 Day 5

  1. New way of taking attendance
  2. Return Prereading
    1. This is how I'll grade these: Full credit for full effort. Partial credit for partial effort or incomplete work.
    2. What's the right answer to question 5? What about local v. chain? What does, PRICE/BARGAINS etc. mean in the big picture?
    3. Sometimes this is called, the race to the bottom.
    4. Sometimes it's a luxury, a snobbery.
  3. Serving in Florida questions
  4. Continue with Serving in Florida annotations (29-49)
    1. Second job
    2. Living conditions for her and others—This may have to wait.
  5. Right now, what are your top choices for essay options?
    1. The most popular in the past has been affordable housing question.
    2. The most easily researched is the minimum wage question.
      1. That does not mean they are easy. Good writing is seldom easy.
    3. After those, it goes up hill.
    4. Brief conversation at your tables

Homework: Read Scrubbing in Maine

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