Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bonus Point Opportunities

One Page Summary due the next day, include your reaction/opinion of the event.
No late work.
Less than a page= less than full credit.
Here's the library schedule
(Prior 177)
Eligible workshops:
Research Skills--Information Sources
Research Skills--Topic and Thesis
Web Evaluations

April 10th Diversity Series: "In Whose Honor? American Indian Mascots in Sports"
7pm at the Seaons Music Hall

14: Visiting Lecture Series presents Dr. Diandra Leslie-PeleckyThe Visiting Lecture Series hosted by YVCC High Demand Grant for Science and Math presents Dr. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, Associate Professor of Physics, at the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience. She will present Building Speed: The Physics of Nascar® at 7:00pm in Kendall Hall Auditorium. Admission is free. For more information: 509-574-4646.

April 16th Sec. of State Sam Reed, 3pm Kendall Theatre
April 16th: Herb Blissard, 7pm faculty Lecture Kendall

30: Visiting Lecture Series presents Dr. Mark BodamerThe Visiting Lecture Series continues with Dr. Mark Bodamer, Associate Professor of Psychology at Gonzaga University, who will present Chimpanzee Studies Cultivate Reverence for Life: Discovery, Empathy and Action at 7:00pm in Glenn Anthon Hall Room 119. Admission is free. For more information: 509-574-4646.

7: Faculty Lecture Series presents Mr. Mark FuzieThe Faculty Lecture Series hosts Mr. Mark Fuzie, YVCC English Instructor, who will present A Brief Talk on Nothing (and other impending matter(s)). His lecture will begin at 7:30pm in Kendall Hall Auditorium. Admission is free. For more information: 509-574-4646.

May15: 2007-2008 Diversity Series Challenging Diversity- Challenging Our Thinking“Pico de Gallo” Jade Esteban Estrada What do illegal immigrants, politicians, ESL kindergarteners, school teachers, unwed mothers, bartenders, flight attendants, Dr. Phil, opinionated grandmothers, cable access talk show hosts and socialist taco vendors all have in common? They make up the face of 21st century Latinos in the United States in the new solo play Pico de Gallo. Estrada has been praised by critics around the country for his skillful onstage transformations. From one character to the next, he unravels a multitude of stories, songs and humorous contradictions in a celebration of the heartbeat of Latino culture. This event will begin at 7:00pm and will be held at The Seasons Music Hall, 101 N. Naches Ave, Yakima. The event is free and open to the public. For a complete list of upcoming Diversity Series events please see the following or call 574-6800 ext. 3151.

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