Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 5

Lesson Plan Day 5

  1. Bonus Points
  2. In Class Essay
    1. I'm trying to get a read on what I've got in class, where you're starting from.
    2. I'm trying to see who the stars are, too.
    3. We will be revising this essay, shaping it and adding to it to be turned in three more times. That means less/more pressure today.
    4. 20 points towards your Prewriting scores.
  3. 830: hand in shadowy lines worksheet
    1. 930: Due Monday
  1. Homework: Read N&D intro and Serving in Florida. Don't wait for Sunday. Complete handout on both sections. I will collect these on Monday.

Check out RFK's speech below.

1 comment:

dothehula88 said...

Hello Mr. P.

I was wondering if the extra credit write up for attending that research workshop for the Library was due the next day, which was Friday, or if I still have time to do it? Also, how long does the write up have to be? I went to the workshop and got a signature. Please let me know. Thanks.

Lori Reifel