Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 8

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 8

  1. Quiz N&D, So Far

  2. H/B In Class Writing

    1. Highest scoring one

  3. Assignment for next week: Rough Draft due Wednesday.

    1. More help with it—

      1. Thesis: On the surface, in reality, some say, I say.

      2. On the surface

      3. In reality

      4. Likely/unlikely to change—present both sides of the argument, with your opinion as to which is more credible/likely outcome.

      5. Use 15 Years and N&D as examples for the points made in Shadowy Lines and to support your thesis

      6. Evaluation chapter has some ideas about if/how this will change, too.

  4. In groups:

    1. 11-29; 29-49; 52-69; 69-86

    2. Find quotes that…
      1. Describe the boss(es)
      2. Describe the physical work/working conditions
      3. Describe the mental effort
      4. Describe the living conditions
      5. Describe the coworkers
      6. An interesting footnote


  5. Scrubbing questions

Homework: read evaluation chapter and complete questions.

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