Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Essay Options

Essay 2 Options

Essay 2:
English 102, Spring Quarter

Walls v. Webs—The Valley and the World

This essay is a research essay.
As such, it should begin with a question.

What effect will ________________have on the Yakima Valley in the new Flat World?

I would like you to look at one of the following issues from different angles.

Some issues will have two sides.
Some will have more.

  1. Find what Friedman might say about them.

    Start with the Index, use Amazon search

  2. Get a list of quotes and page numbers.
  3. What are the other sides?
  4. Where can we get information?
  5. Who can we call in? When can we do it?


  1. The essay should present the viewpoints of the various sides of the issue. If you're having trouble seeing the sides, try the Great Sorting Out. How are we affected as citizens of Yakima, USA, consumers, stockholders, workers, patriots.
  2. The essay should attempt to represent these sides fairly and in a balanced way.
  3. Balanced is a slippery word.
  4. The essay should also, after the intro or less likely, as part of the conclusion, explain how Friedman/Flatism affects the issue.
  5. YOUR thesis should be stated in the introduction, but should be written last.
  6. 4-6 pages.
  7. Due Dates:
    1. List of quotes related to your topic from Friedman
    2. Outline
    3. Rough Draft
    4. Draft 2


  1. Education
    1. East Yakima Early Learning Yakima, ESD 105 and Gates
    2. The DREAM Act
    3. Washington Learns
    4. YVTech building
    5. The role of YVCC/Community Colleges overall (new buildings/collaborations)



  1. The future of Agriculture in Yakima
    1. Food Safety concerns (Organics? Disease?)
    2. Aspargus and South American trade agreements
    3. The Apple Juice Capital of the World? Selah?
    4. Trademarks/patents and inventions—ROBOTS!
    1. Immigration:
      1. McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill
      2. Changes to H2A and H1B
        1. Zirkle
        2. Global Horizon
        3. Microsoft
      3. Nativist movements such as Grassroots Yakima and The Minutemen.


    2. Propose a new business model based on what you have read.
      What will be the new niche in Yakima? How can Yakima use the Flat World to our advantage?
      1. Tourism as economic base in Yakima? Wine? Black Rock?

Jail beds as an economic base in Yakima?

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