Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 3

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 3

  1. Photos. Quiz Monday.
  2. Homework: Read 15 Years on the Bottom Rung
  3. Introduce in groups of 3.
    1. Worst jobs/Worst Bosses
    2. What made it bad
    3. Something we don't expect when we see you. Something we couldn't tell by looking at you.


  4. Shadowy Lines in groups
    1. Discuss your answers with your group.
    2. Group fills in as you talk.


  5. Tomorrow, discuss as a class


  6. Friday, meet in C206 for In Class Essay over Shadowy Lines and 15 years.




For Thursday. CM: 15 years on the bottom rung

(Friday, in class writing based on these first two readings)

For Monday: N&D intro and Serving in Florida

For Tuesday: First half of Scrubbing in Maine

For Wednesday: Second half of Scrubbing in maine

For Monday: Evaluation chapter


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