Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Day 7

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 7

  1. Not ready to hand back in class essays yet. Still reading. Some understood the question.

  2. Read second half of "Scrubbing"

  3. Scrubbing questions due tomorrow

  4. Evaluation Questions due Monday (I'll pick both up Monday).

  5. No class Thursday (English only) or Friday (Whole campus)

  6. Quiz on Intro, Serving and Scrubbing sections of N&D, Wednesday

  7. H/B Names quiz

  8. H/B Intro and Serving

  9. Review Serving questions

  10. In groups:

    1. 11-29; 29-49; 52-69; 69-86

    2. Find quotes that…
      1. Describe the boss(es)
      2. Describe the physical work/working conditions
      3. Describe the mental effort
      4. Describe the living conditions
      5. Describe the coworkers
      6. An interesting footnote
  11. About the essay: It's ok to be confused at this point. It probably means you have an open mind and see multiple angles on the question. That's a good thing. Begin, though, to see the product: a 3-5 page paper on the topic. What is probably means is you should NARROW your topic/thesis to a single main point.

    1. How does class seem less an issue?

    2. Why is class mobility still an issue?

    3. Is this likely or unlikely to change?

This won't happen by wishing for it. Prewrite. Freewrite. Start writing down practice thesis statements. Do some more reading. Ask each other questions. Go to the writing center. See me.

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