Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 16

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 16 Spring 2008

  1. Keep the idea of improvement in the front of your mind.
  2. It starts all the way back here, at the beginning of talking about it. You should be listening for ways into the assignment based on the book and discussion.
  3. Improve on this part. Take more notes. Ask questions during class. Interrupt me. Write down your ideas. Read the chapter twice.
  4. How does the flat world impact my home town?
  5. What stood out from the first chapter?
    1. Some of my notes
  6. Web resources
    1. Loads of video
    2. Loads of opposition to his views
    3. Loads of his own writing
  7. Count by 10's—ten flatteners
    1. In groups
      1. Definition of the Flattener
      2. Example of the Flattener
      3. Illustration of the Flattener
  8. Reading schedule TBA but here's the ground we'll cover:
    1. The Great Sorting Out to "Command and Control" by Thursday (4.24)
    2. The Great Sorting Out to end by Friday (4.25)
    3. America and Free Trade by Monday 4.28
    4. CM: College Dropout Boom by Tuesday 4.29
    5. CM: No Degree, No Way Back by Wednesday 4.30
    6. The Untouchables to Great Adapters by Thursday 5.1
    7. The Untouchables to end by Friday 5.2
    8. The Right Stuff by Monday 5.5
    9. The Quiet Crisis by Tuesday 5.6
    10. This is Not a Test by Wednesday 5.7
    11. 11/9 v 9/11 to "India" by Thursday 5.8

11/9 v. 9/11 to end by Friday 5.9

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