Monday, January 24, 2011

The Case for Community College

The first two years of college, at four year schools, shows little gains in academics.

And this: Community College Grads Earn More Than Four Year Grads? sort of.

And from the NYTimes: Maybe we're doing better with schools than we thought.
From the article:

But this is the paradox: Chinese themselves are far less impressed by their
school system. Almost every time I try to interview a Chinese about the system
here, I hear grousing rather than praise. Many Chinese complain scathingly that
their system kills independent thought and creativity, and they envy the
American system for nurturing self-reliance — and for trying to make learning
exciting and not just a chore.

In Xian, I visited Gaoxin Yizhong,
perhaps the city’s best high school, and the students and teachers spoke
wistfully of the American emphasis on clubs, arts and independent thought. “We
need to encourage more creativity,” explained Hua Guohong, a chemistry teacher.
“We should learn from American schools.”

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