Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 11

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 11

1. Bonus Points this week—Library, Diversity Series, MLA Workshop
2. Comments on blog.

3. Tiger Mom creates a firestorm.

4. Work back: Sarah C, Rachel J and Kristy P are the last 100%ers.

5. How was making your own quiz?

6. Comments on the weekend reading.

7. Let’s put the tables on the boards again.

8. Warming Up: Exploring Ideas
a. Talking and Listening
b. Annotating Texts
c. Listing
d. Clustering
e. Freewriting—5 minutes on how you see your topic addressing the needs of Education in globalized world. 5 minutes on what points it misses.
f. Asking Journalist's Questions
g. Read/Research

9. Basic essay structure.

10. Structure for an “argument” essay with variations.

11. Homework: In any chapter, but especially the articles from this weekend, The Right Stuff and The Quiet Crisis, Find 10 quotes in Friedman that could apply to your topic.

12. Rough Draft due January 24th.

13. Tomorrow in class: Thesis statements and Intros.


hannah6870 said...

It was interesting hearing about Asian and Indian parenting styles and then comparing that to Western parenting styles.

cmgardner713 said...

Ok not to be a huge pain and possibly a splitting headache to some....BUT as I was looking through the book to find quotes for my essay topic I found an error on the quiz we just took. Part two: The Quiet Crisis Matching: #4 "Our culture is geared for fun and school is boring" SHOULD BE answer b: The Education gap at the top NOT answer d: Numbers Gap. This proof is on page 352, the very last sentence of the first paragraph "THE CULTURE NOW IS GEARED TOWARD HAVING FUN" which is part of Dirty Secret #2 The Education Gap at the Top.

Now I believe we do not have any 100%ers in the class (in theory if we were to count this error.) By the way, this doesn't make me 100% with this answer....just thought I would point it out to those 3 that are left that they too are not 100%ers either. Darn it anyway.