Friday, January 28, 2011

Topics for Second Essay

English 102, Winter Quarter
The Flat Valley

Similar to Education and the Flat World, but this time we mean Business.

What effect will _____________ have on the Yakima Valley in the new Flat World?

The Flat World Chapters of particular importance will be
The Untouchables, This is Not a Test, How Companies Cope and If It’s Not Being Done
4-6 pages.
Due Dates:
Rough Draft
Final Draft


Agriculture Cluster:

• Asparagus and South American/Andean Free Trade agreements
• Chinese Apple Concentrate dumping
• Trademarks/patents and inventions
o Control Atmosphere on boats
• Vertical Farms
• Localvore movement.


Changes to H2A (and H1B)
• The lawsuits against Big Fruit.
• The idea behind Global Horizons.
• Ellensburg/Brewster sweeps.

New Niche

• Medical School
• Bi-lingual population
• Distribution Centers
• Tourism
o Wine/Agri
o Downtown/cultural
• Why Jail Beds failed as new niche.

Green People
• Wind power
• Organics
• Anarobic Digestors
• Solar collectors


Anonymous said...

"The New Niche" and "Green People" sound the most interesting to me. I'll keep an eye out for what Friedman has to say about them in "The Untouchables" chapter.

Dave M. said...

There a lots of good topics to choose from this time around. The controlled atmosphere ships could be super big for our area, my wife is in pre med and may attend the D.O. school here, I did not know about the problems asparagus growers were facing, one of my sons is involved with the wine industry here and another in retail, and for the last two or three years we have been trying to buy as close to local as we can so I guess we have sort of been ‘localvores’. It will be difficult to pick one to write about!

cmgardner713 said...

What to do, what to do, oh my gosh. So many choices. I guess I never put much thought into jail beds, only the fact that I did not like the location being so close to the SunDome/Stadium. There's always so much entertainment going on over in that area, and so close to the freeway, why chance a break-out? Let's be real, if the 'bad-guys' can break out of Folsom, Walla Walla & let's not forget Alcatraz, then Yakima jail won't be that difficult to get out of.
Immigration is another hot subject... Geez, technology is just so amazing. I can't wait till I can buy a flying car. "Back to the Future" may be onto something now! The guy who thought of that storyline is an 'untouchable'.

Anonymous said...

After reading "The Untouchable", in particularly the section "Math Lover's", I'm glad I'm a Math Major. ;)

EmilyMurphy said...

There are so many topics to pick from i have no idea which one i will pick!

Gaganjit Khinda said...

I think I want to write about "Green People" but I don't know if I should pick another topic. Ohhh.. I can't decide.