Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 19

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 19

1. Bonus Points? Poetry Out Loud Sunday at Allied Arts at 1pm.
Attendance so far.
Academic Early Warning.
Abilities pilot program?

2. How to score the essay—930 class.
3. Hand in essay.
4. O/R? Y=+3pts; N=-3pts.
5. Intros and conclusions on overhead projector.
6. Essays back in about a week.
7. Homework: Read TWIF: The Untouchables


cmgardner713 said...

Wow, having people read their own introductions and conclusions gives their essay true voice. Most of what I heard today gave me a roadmap for what was to come and then the conclusion summed up the entire paper. To actually see just the intro & concl helped me realize exactly what a layout of my own essay should look like. Mr. Peters, your techniques are incredible. They "make sense" whereas previous instructors try to confuse the living daylights out of us. Now what sense does that make??

Dave M. said...

I also think our esteemed leader does a good job. Last quarter I took a communication/speech class and was surprised to see the layout for a good speech to be exactly the same as Mr. Peters shows us how to do a good essay. Having this outline for essays and applying it to a speech made the act of performing the speech much easier.

Anonymous said...

hey. quick question, blog community. are these bonus point comments due today or tomorrow?

Gaganjit Khinda said...

Hey JoeTFisher, the comments are due tomorrow, which means Tuesday.

I also think that it really helps to see how other students write and format their essays. I think we have some excellent writers in our English 102 class.