Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 2

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 2

1. Roll.
2. Hand in suggestions for English 70 students.
3. What did you say?

BP: Other Bonus Point Opportunites--Library Workshops.
Only these are options: Copyright, Plagiarism, Elibrary, Facts on File, OPAC, Primary Sources, Proquest, Topic and Thesis, Types of Information, Web Evaluation. Attend and bring a page of notes the next day for +5 BP or -1 ABS.

4. Assumptions about the class.
5. Assumptions about me.

6. In new groups—brief discussion. Whole class.
a. The Hunt
b. An argument
c. Get Lost
d. Don’t Alienate
e. Play politics
f. Go the wrong way
g. Off-campus life
h. My Crush
i. Change Course

7. Photos.
8. For tomorrow—Ditch Your Laptop, Dump Your Boyfriend.
We'll discuss tomorrow, but it will be looser.
9. Get The World is Flat 3.0.

10. Questions about the class.
11. Questions about me.


Dave M. said...

I just read the “Ditch Your Laptop…” article and a couple things hit home for me. First, Tim Novikoff said there is a gaping hole somewhere in my childhood and it should be filled. I’m not sure I know yet what that hole is but I’m intrigued, and I think I’ll ponder that for a while. Second, Willie Lin suggests taking time away from school, not making school the entire scope of our existence. My wife and I are both in school and it seems we do get caught in the trap of believing school is all there is. I’m going to be sure to schedule some time for doing other things, especially with my family.

Anonymous said...

I tried to read the "Ditch Your Laptop..." article but it forced me to a log-in screen. I'll probably create an account so I can access it because from what Dave said, it sounds interesting. On another note, today was a pretty fun day of class. The articles we printed out were all interesting for the most part and the class had some great insight about them. It was also interesting to ask and hear questions about you (Mr. Peters).

Gaganjit Khinda said...

Most of the time I think that college is boring, maybe because I am not trying the different classes. I am just trying to get my prerequisites done. After reading "Ditch Your Laptop...," I have changed my way of thinking. I think we should try out all the different classes in college to figure out what we actually want to do with our careers. Tim Novikoff says that we should try out different classes in college because that's how we will experience the every part of life or world. I think I agree with him and this article has helped me in changing my perspective about college. College can be fun, if you try to make it fun.

cmgardner713 said...

I must be honest, I truly wish I had some of this advice 20 years ago.... I didn't have a laptop and there was no such thing as Facebook but the whole boyfriend thing was a huge factor. (Although we have been together since my Sophomore year in high school and are very happily married with two awesome kids!) Granted, I am pursuing the same career I intended to back then but I may have tried a variety of classes just for the enrichment & intellect they could have provided. What really bites is the fact that none of the classes I took ages ago count now.

Carmen J said...

I can't seem to get to the Ditch your laptop.......article. It takes me to a logon page.

EmilyMurphy said...

This article was very interesting and i found many of the points to be true and that you can make college fun if you try. Also talking about each of the articles from the other night was a fun activity.