Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 6

English 102 Winter 2011 Day 6

1. Names Quiz

2. Ten Flatteners
a. Definition
b. Quote
c. Illustration

3. The Triple Convergence

4. How to Read in College.

5. The Writing Process.

America and Free Trade: Cage Match Tomorrow

Ricardo is wrong!

Ricardo is right!

6. You will have 15 minutes to come up with your reasons why you are right, why the other side is wrong, and what you anticipate they will say against you.
7. The winning team receives 5 bonus points.

8. Team Debate Format

9. Proposition: Ricardo sez: If each nation specializes in the production of goods in which it has a comparative advantage and then trades with other nations for the goods in which they specialize, there will be an overall gain in trade and overall income levels should rise in each country.

10. Ricardo is Right – 5 minutes
A good introduction that attracts the audience’s attention and interest in the topic
Clearly state each of your contentions
support with reason and evidence
Conclude effectively

11. Cross Ex of the Ricardo is Right by one of the Ricardo is Wrong – 2 minutes
You ask questions about the reasons they give for Ricardo being right.

12. Be courteous

13. Ricardo is Wrong – 5 minutes
A good introduction that attracts the audience’s attention and interest in the topic
Clearly state the Negative’s position on the topic
Support with reason and evidence
Attack and question the Affirmative’s Contentions/evidence
Conclude effectively

14. Cross Ex of the Ricardo is Wrong by one of the Ricardo is Right – 2 minutes
You ask questions

15. Be courteous

16. Rebuttal Speeches (5 minutes to prepare)

18. Yeah But Ricardo is Still Wrong – 3 minutes
Respond to latest Ricardo is Right arguments
Make your final case to the audience that the Wrong position is superior to the Right
Try and convince the audience the Right has failed to carry the burden of proof
Summarize the debate and conclude effectively and ask for the audience to agree with the Wrong position

19. Yeah But Ricardo is Still Right - 3 minutes
Respond to final Wrong arguments

Summarize the debate and show the audience how the Right position is superior –
and the Wrong has carried the burden of proof
Conclude effectively.


Dave M. said...

Just a quick note to all you “Debaters” out there… As one of your esteemed judges, I just want to make myself known to you and to assure you all that no matter how much you may try to influence my vote with gifts or favors (hint, hint), I will keep an open mind and judge your arguments on their merits alone. (In case you’re wondering, I generally sit over by the projection screen and my back- pack will be left conspicuously open to catch anything that might accidentally fall.)

Anonymous said...

i thoroughly enjoyed todays class. all the "tech talk" and revolution of google applications and walmart product tracking was really interesting. i really like technology and seeing the "new thing" always gets me excited. but i also value my privacy. and it seems the more google and facebook and walmart and gps tech thrive, the less privacy we get. a very awkward compromise if you ask me.